My new Cervo shopper PICS!!!

  1. Well.. better late than never they say! Thanks to Prada Psycho and a few others I was able to acquire this bag on eBay at a fraction of the retail cost. I have been using it since the day it came to my door.. I am in love! The leather is so luxurious and buttery soft.. I could just sleep next to it every night! :p
    Without further ado... here she is!


  2. She is stunning! The leather is beautiful!
    Congratulations and enjoy carrying her!
  3. It looks fab. Congrats.
  4. Wow - I absolutely love it! Use it in good health!
  5. CONGRATS!ITS a beauty!
  6. You're so lucky! Great bag at fantastic price. Its one of my favourite bag from Prada.
  7. Congratulations.
  8. That's another yummy leather Prada bag! Congrats!!!!
  9. Gee, we done good sparklemint! Very, very nice! :nuts:
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. This is one of my favorite Prada bags.

    Your bag is so well organized too. I need to do better in that department.

  12. That is a gorgeous bag, the leather just looks stunning !! Congrats !!
  13. Absolutely gorgeous! I just love that color!!
  14. Thanks for all the nice words everyone!

    It's a great feeling to really like the bag you buy. I have bought so many LV's and ended up selling them because there was something I didn't quite like about them. I have finally gotten my collection to where I want it.. only a few select bags that I really love and find very functional!
    This bag is a real dream!

    Piper... I usually change bags everyday or every second day.. it helps to only have a few things to grab and move! LOL
  15. Wow!!!! Love the bag..and the color! Congrats on your great deal!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!