My New Cerises Pochette arrived today!!! yay!!!

  1. It's finally here!!! I ordered it on Tuesday, but the SA(a very sweet person named Jennifer) who took my order accidentally switched my shipping label with another customer's and my cerises was delivered to the other woman on Wednesday! She lived near the store, but she didn't bring it in until yesterday(despite the SAs pleas for her to bring it in sooner). Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck as thoughts of switcheroonis danced in my head. I was sooo scared that my precious pochette might be used or even worse switched with a fake! Eeeek!(Ok, I might have been reading too many horror stories). Anyhoo, the lady brought it back yesterday and Jennifer overnighted it to me! She initially included the new catalogue, but I didn't get it so I'm going to call her and ask her to send me a new one(plus, my receipt--they normally include a receipt, right?)

    Anyhoo, I love my new Cerises Pochette! It's my first LV purchase! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Thank you to Twiggers for posting that there were still some out there!:heart: Thank you to Laurence for being my "support" through the stress of waiting for my pochette. lol! He's a gem!He works with jennifer(who is new there) and he heard about my ordeal and has been sooo apologetic even though it wasn't his fault! :heart:

    Thanks for reading!:flowers:
    Cerise Pochette Cherry pic.jpg Cerise Pochette France.jpg Cerises pochette full pic.jpg
  2. Awesome purchase, Congrat's!
  3. Congrats, it's beautiful!
  4. Thank you, Bag_fetish and GerGirl!:heart: It's actually bigger than I thuoght it would be. Love the happy cherries! I can safely say my love for LV has definitely been rekindled. I've already started plotting my 2nd and 3rd purchase. lol. :graucho:
  5. :yahoo:CONGRATS!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Enjoy it!!!:flowers:
  6. Gorgeous! :heart: Loves it!:heart:
    Congrats! Enjoy! :love:
  7. Thanks, LV_Addict and rainbow_rose!:flowers: I love it sooo much! I wish this line wasn't discontinued! I want a Speedy now, too! lol!:P

    ETA: I just got off the phone with Jennifer! She's sending me a catalogue and reciept on Monday! Yay!:smile:
  8. Awww.... congras. She's cute. :P
  9. I am glad everything worked out for ya! Now you have a story to tell about your first every LV purchase! Enjoy, and LVs are as addictive as BBags! :graucho:
  10. Congrats!!
    "IOW", I love it!
    Heehee ;)
  11. yaaay pupster...I love the new is sooo cute! congrats!
  12. Congrats! It is so cute! :love:
  13. Congrats I love this bag it just makes me smile.. its sooo cute ... I think I would like the cerises umbrella .. that too would be cute
  14. oooh... congrats pupster... i love the cerises :yahoo:
  15. Awww! Congrats, it's so dang cute.