My new Cerises, Damier, AND Perforated Additions!

  1. I'm so excited about my new additions that I only wish I had better photo-taking skills so I could show everyone how beautiful my new pieces are! :love: :love:

    I couldn't wait to share my new additions to my newly-found friends here at the Forum.

    I can't get over the fact that I was able to snag the Cerises Pochette Accessoires.....
    new add 1.JPG new add 5.JPG new add 4.JPG new add 3.JPG new add 2.JPG
  2. nice. did you snag all of these at the boutique or ebay?
  3. Nice!!!!
  4. very cute! where did you find all these pieces?
  5. Very nice!!!
  6. Fabulous buys!
  7. Very cute! That perforated pochette is growing on me.
  8. nice additions. i like the variety :smile:
  9. Very nice! I especially like your damier cles! That's what I think I'm going to get until the damier speedy comes out.
  10. Nice! I love the Cerise!
  11. I am starting to like the perforated line...
    Nice new purchases!
  12. I didn't know the cerises pochette is still available in the boutique! (if that's where you bought yours) I love the damier cles!
  13. Super cute!! :love:
  14. nice collection!
  15. nice , congrats , I'm thinking to get the Damier to match my Papillion