My new Cerises bag from Louis Vuitton Valley Fair

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  1. Thanks to Rebecca for the info that some of these bags were still floating around. I called my SA and sure enough she had one left.


  2. Wow...that bag is gorgeous!
    Congrats Michelle!!
  3. :nuts: Congrats!!!! They're gorgeous and loooove the Cerises!!!!:girlsigh:
  4. Beauty, but am I missing something, wasn't this discontinued?
  5. That's what I thought. I was on another board talking about this bag when Rebecca (LVBabyDoll) told me that some stores still had them and to call the 877 number. I called my SA instead and sure enough she had one in the back.
  6. lovely! you'll look great on that michelle!:nuts: :wlae:
  7. Good lord that is one beautiful bag! What a great find!!

  8. Congrats!
  9. :biggrin: Congrats Michelle. ;)
  10. lucky you! enjoy:yahoo:
  11. WOW, Michelle! That's awesome! Congrats on your lucky score!
  12. Thats a great bag, youre so lucky to have found this!!
  13. That's a beautiful bag! Personally I'm not a real fan of the Cerises but that Sac plat looks GORGEOUS!
  14. Congrats....
  15. Beautiful find!!!