My new Cerf :)


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Mar 8, 2006
wow, it's beautiful. i'd love to have one in that color! you're lucky to get one in brown. i'm told the color is from last year, and chanel doesn't offer cerf tote in brown this season. i'm really envious.

i'm actually waiting for mine own cerf tote in black. went through lots of trouble of getting it. i went to vancouver chanel boutique, and was told the cerf tote is from 2005spring "seasonal" collection, and it's gone for good! :suspiciou

not to be detered, i called chanel 800 number, and was told it's sold in the states, not in canada! and they don't accept crossborder orders.:sad: anyway, i called chanel boutique in san francisco to try my luck, and they're willing to ship it all the way to vancouver on my expense. the guy there is really nice (i believe his name is scott), since they only have one black cerf tote left in stock, he called around, and finally find one in perfect condition for me in orlando boutique.:nuts:

during the course of our conversation, scott says the regular size cerf tote is the classic collection, and calls the shorter cerf tote a FASHION PIECE:sick:


Jan 15, 2006
It's a beautiful bag and such lovely color! I'm sure you'll treasure it for a long time.