my new centerpiece

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  1. walked in on my cat taking liberties on the dining room table (big no-no!) she looked too cute though so I had to take a pic before shooing her off...

  2. adorable - she looks very comfortable LOL
  3. she looks so regal!
  4. Leave it to cats to really know how to annoy you, not only is she on the table but on the runner where fur can stick to it.
  5. Aww, so cute!
  6. I like how she "centered" herself so nicely between the candles on the runner. Looks like she belongs there and is posing for you, shoo!
  7. She is ready for her close up. LOL
  8. She's such a princess!! My cats also behave like the house belongs to them. I've long given up trying to teach them their place is not on our antique tables or shelves or kitchen sink. Whatever, they rule the house anyway.
  9. both my dog and my cat run the show around here. we are just the wait staff as far as they are concerned.
  10. How cute! My cat would have had the candles and runner on the ground.
  11. haha, isn't that the truth? And mine are like the loud customers that are super demanding and then don't leave a tip.
  12. Aww, that is so cute!! My kitty just learned that she can jump on the kitchen counters. I'm having a hard time keeping her off. She's very proud of herself.
  13. they do make nice centerpieces! she's so cute, is she a maine?
  14. ^^^she's a mutt but definitely looks like she has some maine coon in her. I know her brothers looked full persian. she was adopted from shelter life.
  15. Lol, too cute!