Tech My new cell phone-->*Power Pink* NOKIA 7390!!

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  1. Hehe~~I brought it from ebay a week ago, and finally received it in mail today:yahoo: !!! I :heart: everything about this phone~the color, the design, and the 3 megapixel camera :graucho:!! The thing i like about NOKIA is its user friendly, easy to set everything (such as email, web suffering etc) up. Theres some free configure settings on NOKIA website, just a few clicks and its done!!:P

    I also got a LV White MC phone strap to go with it~~:love:


  2. it's so pretty!! i love it!!!
  3. Its truly a gal's phone:heart: !! It has everything you need in todays phone, and looks gorgeous!!!!
  4. nice phone... it's so pretty too!

    unfortunately, the US is horribly slow when it comes to wireless phones. we never get any of the good stuff until much later.
  5. It's super cute! love the mc strap!
  6. i have the 7370! in gold! very nice phone :smile:
  7. Oh it is sooo pretty!
  8. That is pretty! Here is an article about it: Review of GSM/UMTS-handset Nokia 7390

    They are expensive, so I don't think Mr Puff and I will be upgrading from our prestigious and deluxe 6103s anytime soon, unless T-mobile buys a truckload of them by accident and makes us an offer we can't refuse...

    These 7390s are so pretty naked they don't even need clothes. I have called clear to China looking for brown clothes for my 6103, and nobody wants to make any for it. So it is stuck with pink and blue, unless it wants silver and magenta or something, which it doesn't. Mr Puff's always wears black, but I thought if we had a brown dress we could share it sometimes and it would be romantic.
  9. hehe~more pics (and my cutie pup "Choco":heart:) !!!


  10. Wow that's such a cute phone, I love it!!!
  11. wowwieee

    everything in ur bag is so lovely!
  12. ^^thanks:P :heart:
  13. very cute! do u mind sharing how much it was?
  14. congrats!!i love your mobile phone:biggrin:
  15. It was AU$580 :yes: