My new Celines!

  1. Just scored these babies during Macy's recent sale, I think that the heel is unusual and very stable, btw! the sole has a groove so the weight of the body is distributed on each side rather than in the middle. I think these shoes are very well designed. The insole is some sort of woven raffia type of material which absorbs moisture. And of course, yummy chocolate patent leather!!! What do you, guys, think? This is my first shoe post with pics! :heart:
    IMGP0605.JPG IMGP0607.JPG
  2. Very nice.
  3. They look great on you. You're right, the heel is a bit unusual. It's ever so slightly curved out. I love that little detail.
  4. gorgeous
  5. Thank you ;) Honestly, the heels are the only thing that makes me unsure about them, only because I am so used to the regular high-heel style but that curvature makes the shoes very stable somehow... which really makes it possible to wear such high heels and not wobble. I still have that 1% doubt about the heel though...
  6. love the heel detail - I am partial to Celine, and love most of their things. congrats
  7. very sexy, i love it. :heart: