My new Celine Micro Luggage and Mini Luggage Bags

  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my latest two handbag purchases. Introducing my Celine Mini Luggage bag in Ink Blue. I purchased it pre-loved, but it is in brand new perfect condition. This was a love at first sight purchase. I just fell in love with the dark blue color and the smooth leather. Thanks to Sophia from the purse forum for identifying the color and the year it was made which was approximately late 2013 or 2014. :flowers:

    Today I also bought a Celine Micro Luggage direct from the Celine store. It is Tricolor in Dark Navy Blue, Black and Grey. It was a love at first sight purchase. I just love Celine Tricolor bags, their combinations are beautiful. :heart:

    FYI, I've also started a brand new Clubhouse for Celine Micro Luggage bags. If you own or love the Celine Micro Luggage please share your photos, comments, questions and love of the bag in the following thread. Thanks Elliepurse for letting us start a new Micro Luggage clubhouse thread. :flowers:

    The thread is called Celine Micro Luggage Club - Not too big, Not too small, Just Right!
  2. Another photo of my Celine Micro Luggage bag. I really love the Navy Blue, Black and Grey color combination. I think i want another Micro in a lighter color like white, beige, black or orange combo.
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  3. One more photo for size comparison of my Celine Mini Luggage, Micro Luggage and Trio bags. Love them!
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  4. Great addition to your collection! Congrats! :smile: Love the Micro color combo :heart:
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  5. Love the contrasting stitching on your new micro as well as the color combo. Such a great choice!
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  6. Congrats! I recently purchased a nano in Ink and love the color! Your tricolor is beautiful too! Thanks for starting a micro clubhouse- I just got one of those too and love the size!!
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  7. Thanks Elliepurse, love the color combo too, my 3 favourite bag colors all in one, navy, black and grey! :heart:

    Thank you onepiece101, i think the contrast stitching really makes the bag stand out!

    Thank you! Congratulations on your Nano, Ink is such a great color! I would love to see pics of your Nano and your Micro luggage in the clubhouse. [​IMG]
  8. I'm obsessed with that micro. Congrats on all of your purchases!!
  9. You're so very welcome! Wear your new beautiful bags in great health xx.
  10. Congratulations! Love both of purchases :tup:
    Wish Celine forum had more people supporting it and grew bigger:hugs:
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  11. Thank you! I love the Micro. I got bitten by the Celine bug all over again! Now I can't wait to add more bags to my collection.

    I know the Celine forum is amazing! I think people are forgetting to upload pictures and share their amazing Celine purchases with us!
  12. Congratulations! I like the tricolor Luggage!
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  13. Congratulations on your new bags. I only have a black and a souris but would love to get a tricolour one day. Yours are lovely - enjoy
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  14. Thank you lovelies! I think my Celine love has kicked off again. I cannot stop using my Celine Mini Luggage to work, i just love it! Now i can't decide which bag i want next.
  15. I have an idea for you! Message me!