My new Celine boogie bag in cream color!!! It finally came today!!!

  1. I'm so happy right now!! Just got my first Celine bag and I am in love!! :heart: Love the cream/ivory color of the bag!!! I can't wait for the warm weather to come!!:yahoo:


  2. Beautiful bag. Congratulations. Enjoy!
  3. The color looks gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. that is a really nice bag, love the color and the stitching and the soft looking handles
  5. OOH beautiful!
    Lovely. lovely bag!

    Enjoy it!
  6. You will adore and cherish this bag for years. Enjoy it to the max!
  7. The color and the pattern are so beautiful, congrats.
  8. I love the Boogie and in cream it is just exquisite - enjoy her, a lot!
  9. PRETTY! Love the color and style! :smile: BTW, cute solar bobble head. :smile: I got a pink one of those things when I went to Hawaii. hehe~
  10. Beautiful!!! Congrats and enjoy your new bag, chrho!
  11. Congrats. Its such a classic bag im sure you will be able to use it for years. I want one!
  12. Gorge, congrats.
  13. Ohhhh nice bag! :yes:

    Dont wait for the warm weather, take her out now.
  14. Thank you ladies so much!!!

    Haha...You're right!! I'll take her out for a spin tonight!!:p
  15. Wow!! So pretty!!