My "new" CDF musette!

  1. :yahoo:This lady I know traded this cute little bag for my old cles and porte-monnaie plat. I am loving this style!!! Hands free and fits all the small goodies I need for the day (wallet, keys, phone, etc).:love:
    CDF1.JPG cdf.JPG
  2. Awww.... Damier Sauvage [giraffe? deer?]

    Me likey. ;)

    Also: Are those white speck thingies in random places stars? How cool!
  3. I looove it Irene! It looks FAB on you
  4. :tender:cuuuuuuuteee!!!
  5. It's so unique and different! I love it:love:
  6. Beautiful bag. Lucky you.
  7. that's so cute! i've been watching one on eBay since yesterday!
  8. i love this conte de fees mussette!!! congrats dear :P
  9. Great bag Irene!! And I love the t-shirt you have on with it!! You always have the coolest shirts!!!!!
  10. Thank you so much, everyone!:kiss:

    jm311, those are stars!!!:tender: I think it was so clever how they made "day" and "night" version in this style!:love:
  11. OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! You are so sweet!!!:shame: That's as close as I am going to get a Bentley!!!:lol:
  12. I love the CDF line, your bag is beautiful!
  13. Beautiful bag ....:tender:
  14. so cute!
  15. I love it!!! It's sooo cute!!!! :heart: Congrats!:yahoo:
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