My new caviar PST seems to be mushrooming

  1. Hi All

    I don't know how to describe this, but I have only had my new PST for less than a week and the sides seem to be indenting so the bottom appears to mushrooming out. I am not sure if I am overreacting, but I am thinking about taking it back because I am worried about what it will look like in a year.

    I posted a picture of what is inside of the bag because it is minimal - a small agenda, a Blackberry, lipstick and lip gloss, keys and a mirror.

    Based upon the pictures (Blackberry photos...sorry) below can you tried and true experts give me your advice?

    Thanks M

    Might have to go back to Sephora bags for my daily tote :sad:
    Back.jpg Right side.jpg Left side 1.jpg Front Comp.jpg Inside Bag.jpg
  2. I wouldn't worry about it, because I think the bag is sort of "settling". My GST did that in a matter of a week or so. It has noticeable smooshyness now. The bag is not structured even though it seems like it should be because it is box-shaped. Again I wouldn't worry, but if is distressing to you, I would not think twice about returning it if it has not met your expectations.
    I have attached some photos of my GST.
    gst_model.jpg bordeaux_gst.jpg gst_seated.jpg shoes&bags 005.jpg
  3. My bag did the same thing.. but it hasn't really gotten much worse. Try storing your bag stuffed with tissue paper or old t-shirts... also store your bag flat so the weight isn't pushing it all down

  4. Hi Judy

    So your bag looks like my bag - thanks for the pics! - M
  5. My GST is also after a few use...i think it's naturally it will show some settling looks for all corners esp the front.
  6. My GST is like that. I hang it on the door nob (if it's in rotation) or store it with paper/t-shirt and lay it flat.

    It doesn't bother me but I don;t want it to get out of hand.
  7. Thanks everyone for the input!

    It is a great bag if you don't mind smooshy, but I already have a nice smooshy Miu Miu tote. It's not worth $1,350 to me so she's going back to her home at Neiman Marcus SF tomorrow :crybaby: Now I am fearing my SA's wrath...

    But that's okay...I'm still waiting for my e/w in Yellow which will cheer me up!

    In the meantime I guess I'll use the NM shopping bag she came in as my day tote :girlsigh: - M
  8. For that kind of $, you should be 100% satisfied w/ your purchase. Hopefully your SA will be nice about it and not give you any probs. If she does, poo on her! I have no prob returning a bag immediately if it doesn't meet my expectations. I don't care if the SA's give me dirty looks or not. It's my $ and I demand satisfaction!! :yes:
  9. Thank you for your post! I've been looking into buying a PST but wasn't sure how the newer caviar was going to hold up. Because of the "mushrooming" effect, do you think I should try to hunt down the old caviar instead?
  10. I'm pretty certain that my GST is the old style caviar. You can refer to my photos in my previous post on this thread. I think that it isn't washed caviar because it was purchased in August 2007.
  11. I would totally recommend the old caviar:tup:
    I have a couple GST in the old caviar and they're over a year old and look as good as the day to purchased them. I do rotate my bags often, so they haven't had to endure daily use - but they really look great and I'm really happy with them.
  12. Hey M- thanks for posting the pics. Now i see what your talking about.. i think your are completely right to return it, if you feel like its not something structured enough for you right now!! So dont worry ! and enjoy the new flap when you get it! THANKS AGAIN! :smile:
  13. That's the same way I store mine, since I use it almost every day.

    The corners on mine look like that when it's sitting down on a table. When it's hanging from a door knob, it looks normal again (I guess the knob helps support the weight). Mine is fairly new as well, I've had it about a month or so. I don't mine the SLIGHT smooshiness at the corners, especially considering how much I stuff into my GST. Hopefully though it doesn't get worse with time. I've seen a few GST's that looked so unbelievably smooshed at the bottom corners. :s It looked as if they were 10 years old, but it was probably just the way they were kept.