my new Cartier 'circle of love' necklace..!!!


Sep 6, 2007
I've been dreaming to own a cartier necklace for so long... and sweet DH finally said yes to grant my wish on our 5th wedding anniversary. He ordered the love necklace intertwined chain ala lilo. After a 2 month-no sleep-anxiously waiting for it, I was really bummed when I saw it the minute SA presented it to me. IMO, it was really pretty, but a little too dainty for me, I need bigger and blinggier necklace! To my disappointment, I didnt feel it.
So, to make a long story short, the nice SA showed another pendant which she called 'circle of love' on the display but I have to wait another 2 good weeks for the shipment since I wanted a full 6 diamonds but the store only carry 3 alternate diamonds with the screwdriver motifs.

Fastforward 2 weeks later, I got it, my first cartier necklace...! :yahoo:
It's a WG with 6 diamonds and the best part is I can always flip the pendant the other side for the 'LOVE' engrave when I want to look 'less blingy' and more casual....

So in love with it, and will always be. Here's some pics of it, but honestly it looks more beautiful in person ;).


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