My new Carly's sitting in my closet all wrapped up...

  1. hubby bought it for me for my birthday (December 8th) and I want it now! :p I'm trying so hard not to open up that huge gorgeous Coach box, and all of the Carly talk on this forum is making it hard for me. I know how sad I'll be if I don't have a present to open on the day of though, so I'm going to wait as long as I can.

    What's the longest you've waited to use a new Coach bag?
  2. Congrats!! I don't know if I could wait either......once I learned how to re-tie the bow nothing is safe!!

    And the longest I've waited to use a bag was about a week when I bought my chocolate Carly. I wasn't used to large bags so I carried it around the house trying to figure if I wanted to keep it or exchange it for the medium.
  3. I too have to be patient! My bday is December 11, and there is a british tan gallery tote, matching wristlet and bleecker wallet waiting for me!! Happy December birthday, fellow Sagittarius!:tup:
  4. Oh man!:hysteric:What color is it??:nuts:
  5. My Christmas present is already sitting in the closet waiting for Santa ;) That's going to be a long wait!! Congrats on your new Carly and Happy Birthday early!!
  6. Oh its killing me, I have a new Miranda in Bordeaux, and a clay gigi sitting all wrapped up in the closet and I can't touch them until Christmas....The SA at the store blew my fiance' surprise when we walked into the store to buy a wristlet and he said oh Sir your Miranda is here. I looked at my fiance who looked at the SA who then turned as red as the miranda:busted.....and I was jumping for joy.....and demanded to see it. All the SA's stood around because they only had a the Black Miranda on display and never saw the Bordeaux Miranda....she is gorgeous...and NOW she sits in the closet , way back in the closet with gigi, not to be seen til December 25th.....Well the store ended up giving me a wristlet 1/2 price for the ruined surprise....yeah dear fiance' was a bit upset.....I have been waiting since Early August for the bag....too too long....He is making me suffer....
  7. Oooohhh man.. that's cruel!

    Don't worry... the days will fly by fast!
  8. I got the large black signature one. It's my first Carly so I'm excited.
  9. ^^ Verah nice!! Love you Sag's to death ;)
  10. I'm still waiting to get my signature stripe tote for Christmas that my parents bought during the last PCE. Thank goodness it's almost Christmas!!!!
  11. Congrats to you!!!

    My medium chocolate siggy Carly is with my grandmother. I gotta wait til Christmas. I wonder what I'll be opening first...

    I don't now how I'm going to last. The good thing is... I work at Barnes & Noble which is about 5 doors up from the Coach boutique. And since we opened, I saw maybe 3 women carrying a shopping bag and I havne't seen a Carly yet. Thank goodness! I don't want anyone cramping my style at Barnes & Noble in Whitehall, PA! :smile:
  12. The longest I've ever waited before using a new bag? Um...2 hours!! If I buy it, I'll be wearing it! That's why I can't even get my "christmas present" until almost Christmas, its just killing me because I have a $220 store credit to use. Good luck and at least you only have to wait until Dec. 8, and not the 25th!
  13. Do you get supervised visits? Then at least you could bond with your baby :smile:
  14. Honestly I RARELY use new Coach bag immediately, what if I have buyer's remorse?

    The earliest I used a bag was the scarf tote Summer '07. I IMMEDIATELY went home and put my stuff in it for a whole week.
  15. Congrats on your new bag, Happy early Birthday to ya!

    I would be soooooooo tempted to just open that baby up and put it on my shoulder!! Good Luck
    I hope you can hold out!!