My New Carly Wristlet and Stuff! Pics!

  1. Yay they came today! My Carly wristlet and my Sig Stripe Skinny Mini! I love them both! wow the Carly wristlet is GREAT. It's about the size of a cosmetic case only a lot slimmer and holds a little more IMO! It saves so much space in my Carly I LOVE IT!!! Plus it all matches and that makes me happy. ;)
    carlystuff3.jpg carlystuff1.jpg carlystuff2.jpg
  2. so cute, congrats!!
  3. Wow, it's so pretty! It does hold a lot, I had no idea how big it really was. Congrats!
  4. Very Cool! The inside of the khaki Carly is purple?? That is so pretty!
  5. Wow, that wristlet is so pretty, love the skinny too! Nice.
  6. Yay!!! Congrats....I knew it held a lot but wow!!!
  7. very pretty!!!!!
  8. I love your Carly!!! The wristlet looks yummy!! When's the big day, Candy?
  9. Yeah I was wondering that too! Wow what a cool splash o' color!

    Congrats and that is great to know about the wristlet holding so much! :yahoo:
  10. Very cute Carly family you have there! Everything fits together nicely.:smile:
  11. Cute things!:yes:
  12. I :heart: it!
  13. Thanks guys! It's so cute! I kinda hate keeping it in my bag. It should be taken out on it's own!

    Oh and the big day is June 2nd!
  14. Candy - I love all your stuff! Congrats! And congrats on the big day (a little in advance) too!
  15. aahh, love it all! now I want a carly wristlet!