My New Carlotta Clutch

  1. I have really enjoyed carrying clutches lately and have been contemplating the Carlotta for a while. I am so glad I purchased this one. It is so beautiful in person and adds instant style to any outfit. Plus the price was great:yahoo:


    Jimmy Choo makes beautiful clutches! The Carissa is the next JC for me:heart:.
    My Carlotta.jpg
  2. Samantha! I am so jealous! That clutch is beyond beautiful....I hadn't really given it much of look until you posted photos of it in the celebrity forum, and now I LOVE it! You have such great taste....thanks for the photo, it's even more beautiful IRL! :love:
  3. Oh Samantha...very nice! Did you keep your Morgan?
  4. uuu lalalala ... that is so pretty Samantha!!!! Congratulations, I saw your GREAT collection of Jimmy CHoo bags and all the others, can I go shop at your closet?:girlsigh:
  5. What an AMAZING clutch Samantha:nuts: I have never paid much attention to it either, but WOW

    What a Classy clutch for such a Classy Lady:queen:
  6. Thanks Stinkerbelle:blush: It is difficult to imagine some of these bags/clutches from stock photos alone. The Carlotta has a glamorous retro vibe to it. I have really fallen hard for Jimmy Choo clutches:love:
  7. Thank you jmcadon!

    I struggled with the quality of the Morgan. I really loved the bag and wanted to keep it, but could not get past the poor quality. I sent one back to NAP and ordered another one from There were stitching and finishing issues. The leather was not nearly as nice as the Mahalas I own, and the color was a little patchy. I spoke with my JC SA about it today, and she has a black one herself and has not experienced any problems. It may have been a product of the white leather that was used. I may give the bag a try again in the black and gunmetal.
  8. Thank you:smile: Unfortunately, there is never anything for sale in my "Boutique" :nuts: It is getting a little tight in there!
  9. You are too kind:flowers: Thank you.
  10. Well that is fine, can I do window/closet shopping??:nuts:
  11. :lol: Absolutely! I love doing that myself.
  12. well for now I will keep contemplating yours on the pictures you have posted until I drown in my own drool!!!:drool: