My "new" caramel '05 weekender! LOOOVEEE IT!!!


bag greed bug
Jun 4, 2006
summer land
i am sooo happy today upon receiving my :drool: caramel '05 weekender i got from a loverly PFer :love:
after waiting for 5 days where my bag were being held because of "custom clearance" thing, i finally got a call this morning from DHL said that the bag's already cleared custom and will be delivered to me today, i was about to leave from my house when the DHL guy knocked on my house and gave me the package. it said that i have to pay 40$ for customs and i don't have cash in me and he said that i can called later tomorrow when i already got the cash and the bag to be delivered. i said,"no way!" i want my package now! so i'm riding with the DHL car to take me to the nearest ATM machine and paid him that very moment! :yes:

it'll be a few days till i'm able to take pics of me with this lovely bag because i'm kinda have to go for business trip and i don't carry my camera, but i really can't wait to show you all what a lovely bag i got.
stylefly, i hope you don't mind me using your photos here before i take mine ;)

it's a GREATTT bag! i don't know how i can describe it! and the size is awesome! i finally able to find a bag that can contain all my things!!!
before i used to carry 2 bags because none of my bags enough to carry my documents and essential need when i'm working. i can meet a few people in a day to talk about different jobs, so sometimes i carry few documents and books or magazines for references. and this weekender is so perfect!



Jan 11, 2006
Congrats Sea!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!:biggrin: It sounds just perfect for your needs!!!!!! :yahoo: YAY!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:


lv and BBAG lover
May 8, 2006
congrats Sea it's gorgeous!! i am waiting for my caramel 05 twiggy :yahoo: this color is one of the best


dreams come true :-)
Apr 22, 2006
WOW :nuts: GOOOORGEOUS :yahoo: - CONGRATS seahorse...... - you lucky girl :love: ! ENJOY it . . . thank you for sharing :flowers: :tender: