My new canvas Indy...going back

  1. I ordered a black GG canvas Indy with the silvertone hardware. I really liked it at Nordies. Saw it at Bluefly for a substantial savings. When I opened the box and removed the wrap, I could immediately see a problem. (and you'd think the person who packed the purse could, too.) One side of the top handle was not attached to the purse body.

    In fact, the hardware ring used to attach it was not there, but found in the zipper compartment. The ring looked bigger than the one that was attached, and didn't match up well to the handle.

    The canvas just didn't seem as nice either. I've read all the stories on the Purse Forum about the fake problems they've had, and the institution of the "security tag." With a detached handle, you could slip the tag on and off the handle. Very suspicious. The whole thing smells (figuratively) a little. This was my first experience with Bluefly, and most likely the last.
  2. Goodness, so sorry this happened to you. I haven't shopped with Bluefly, so I wouldn't know what to expect. Hope the whole thing gets sorted out.
  3. OH NO!!!! I am so sorry!!!
  4. That's awful!! I haven't purchased from bluefly but I've heard stories about them selling fakes. I will also say the the manager of the gucci store at the beverly center said they are not an authorized distributor of gucci products. I'm not sure if I entirely believe this as they are a publically traded company I believe and can't imagine they could get away with blantantly selling fakes. However, I also think it could be a venue for luxury brands to get rid of their 'seconds' and of course they might not want to be up front about admitting this.

    I don't see myself buying from bluefly due to this uncertainty. I think if you are going to spend this type of money on something, you are better off saving up and paying full price for the peace of mind.

    Just my 2 cents and good luck getting your issue resolved.
  5. Oh no! Another thumbs down for bluefly. Its scary. I always think that its a rare chance that thatd happen but sheesh! Well atleast you get to return it. Hopefully they wont give you trouble with that. Sorry it happened!
  6. I'm so sorry that happened. I got a belt bag from bluefly and it looks authentic to me in comparison to another beltbag I got from the Gucci boutique. They should definitely accept your return though.
  7. Since I joined this forum I too would've probably purchased a bag from them but I heard so many stories it totally turned me off. It's sad though since many people don't live near a boutique.....sorry about your experience.

  8. I've purchased from bluefly once and it was authentic(chloe not gucci) but I've been afraid to purchase from them again after hearing all the stories. Sorry about your experience with them.
  9. I'm sorry that happened... They should give you a complete refund!
  10. sorry to hear that, i hope everything turns out well!
  11. Wow thats really bad! Sorry about that! I would be totally pissed! I only buy from the big store like Saks Fifth (when i'm in the states) and Holt Renfew (in Canada)...I also go to the actual boutiques as well! I am always iffy about the savings because it has to be chaper for a reason! Plus the fakes out there are so good now a days! I would rather pay full price for the real thing than save a couple hundread dollars and end up getting a good fake (that someone tries to pass off as real!)

    I actually purchased a Indy recently (lol read my thread pls!) and I got it from Saks...If you do not have a credit card with them yet, then you should get one, because on the first day they give you 10% off everything except LV. Thats what I did! Ohh and if you live in the states you can probably order it from a different the Saks in Oregan and pay no tax...but then I guess that would only be worth it if the tax where you live is really high (over here its 13.5%!!!), because then you have to pay shipping...which probably isn't that much though.

    Anyways I hope this helps!!!