My New Cannelle Speedy 25

  1. I could not resist elux free shipping and so my Speedy arrived yesterday! :yahoo: I am so in love, what a great bag. I think I once said I did not think the Speedy was my thing, well I have to take it all back! :graucho:

    Anyway, the color is beautiful and reminds me of a cross between Fawn and Mandarin.


    One little thing that did disappoint me was that there was a small indentation on the zipper pull tab. I don't think I am going to send it back though, but I was a little sad it was less than perfect.

    And here is a family photo of my collection since my obsession with LV began two months ago, I also have a used petite bucket on the way from LT. I have been bad. :nuts::shame:


    Thanks for looking.
    DSC_2214.jpg DSC_2234.jpg DSC_2239.jpg
  2. Its gorgeous Steph!! Love the cannelle...congratulations :yahoo:
  3. Stunning - you have great taste

    Enjoy and wear them in good health
  4. OH MY, it's wonderful! :yahoo:Aaaaw and the Baggy :love::love::love:
    Congrats & enjoy!
  5. the more i see the cannelle color the more i adore it. Congrats on the speedy.

    PS i felt the same way about the speedy until I saw, fell in love with and bought my damier speedy. never thought i would purchase a handheld bag EVER!!!
  6. STUNNING!!! I LOVE all the colors in your collection!!!:love:
  7. WOW!!! What a beautiful bag, Hope you enjoy it.
  8. I love it! Congrats!
  9. I love epi speedy's, congrats! Still need to make my free shipping elux purchase, working on my final decision right now!
  10. i love it, congrats!
  11. Gorgeous, congrats ! :yes:
  12. WOW! That is really pretty! What a nice collection!
  13. Gorgeous!!!!!!!

    one question, is the cannelle color very similar to cuir nomade?
  14. So pretty! Congrats!
  15. Fabulase.
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