My new Camellia Jellie got color transfer from jeans!

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  1. I have the black jellie with white camellia flowers. I wore it about three times already. The last time I wore with this flare blue denim jeans It's one of the COA to wear with flip flop. I took it out yesterday & found both camellias got smudge with blue color all over. :sad::sad::sad:

    So becareful because I know some girls here have those jellies with white camellia version.

    I will see how to remove the stain today. I hope it will come out.
  2. the whole thing is rubber, so try something that removes stains from rubber.
    ladies wash and dry your premium denim at least five times before wearing them with light colored bags or shoes. these days the designers are putting a disclaimer tag on the jeans. good luck on the sandals!
  3. Oh, that stinks. Hope it comes clean. Those sandals are the cutest.
  4. yikes!

    I have the pink jellies, but I only intend to wear them with dresses. since most of my jeans would cover the camellia flower. and we can't have that! lol
  5. egad! thanks for letting us know! it's just dresses for me and my jellies... i hope it comes out!!!

    also, thanks kiet for the heads up! i'm keeping my jeans away from my white caviar! (:
  6. Thanks for posting this to alert us. I would have never thought of it. I hope that you are able to remove the stains. Good luck!
  7. Since they are rubber, try going over them with a white eraser, I hope that helps with the stains. Good luck!
  8. Here are the pictures of the stain. It much worse IRL.

    This just got me off guard with the shoes. I have been very carefull with my bags when wearing jeans. Never thought of shoes LOL.

    Thank you for the advices. I'll try & post the result.

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  9. You might be able to take the stains off with a Mr. Clean magic eraser. That stuff has done wonders for me on all sorts of materials...
  10. The exact same thing happened to me this week with a pair of flairs and a cream pair of shoes. I was so bummed as I thought dark blue was never going to come off! Wiped them with a baby wipe, came off completely, so I would start with something as chemical free as this and see if it helps.

    good luck
  11. wow... I was SOOOOO scared that this would happen to me too, so I have only worn my jellies with dresses or skinny jeans. I would try a baby wipe, or if you need something more aggressive, the Mr. Clean Eraser works wonderfully (I've used it on my LV's) Good luck!
  12. Try cleaning it with the Magic Eraser, it works pretty well.
  13. [​IMG]

    Oh no! :hysteric:I am thinking start with a mild soap/cold water first and see if that removes it. I like dawn for stuff like that, the non-bleach type. The rubber on those camellias is quite porous, I am thinking some of the dye is probably made its way deeper than just surface. Let us know what happens!
  14. Thanks for the heads up, and I'm sorry this happened to you.

    Some of these jeans are so expensive, yet they bleed all over things, what a cheap manufacturing process they have, this makes me mad. Back in the day, jeans never did this.

    I hope you can get that stain off, but I fear the rubber is porous and it might be permanent, although maybe you can get some of it off. On the up side, it's on the edges and I bet when it's all the way down on your foot, no one would notice it. They are such pretty sandals, and the blue stain does not take away from that!
  15. Since the white camellias are rubbler, I decided to rinse with water & mild soap. They're too big to use eraser. They're now 90% clean. The other 10% (all the outer edge of the petals) due to rubber is porous & the stain then absorbed in already. I'm going to see if they can be removed with Mr Eraser. However I think with those 10% portion. It's noticable only at up close.

    Thanks for great tips!