My new Cambon Messenger bag!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!

  1. I couldn't believe I could get one on sale!!!!! This one has a few scratches, which are barely visible since it's black, and the lining is a little dirty. Other than that, it's in perfect condition!

    I LOVE it!!!!

    Thank you for letting me share!!!!
    mess4.1.JPG mess5.1.JPG mess6.1.JPG mess1.1.JPG mess2.1.JPG
  2. Congrats! Any more where you got it????:smile:
  3. It looks amazing on U!!! Congrats!!!
  4. OMG. I want one. I was jsut looking at a white and python one but it was a tad bit slimmer
  5. Lovely bag. Congrats.
  6. Thank you!
  7. I got it as Saks in NYC and they only had one. The SA said that it wasn't supposed to be on sale but since it had a few scratches, they put it out with the rest of sale bags.

    Anyone interested in a pink with black CC Cambon phone case, they have one left at that store!!!! It's somewhere around $250, plus 50% off!
  8. OMG! I have been looking ALL over for this bag..SOB....SO JEALOUS!
  9. Congratulations!!!:yahoo:
  10. So cute! Congrats!
  11. It is so gorgeous! Congrats!

  12. OMG, Jill i was just thinking of you as i read this post.

  13. congratulations. it is beautiful. enjoy.
  14. Oooh! I want one!! :love:
  15. Congratulations! Did you get it on the final markdown? If not, maybe they can do that.
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