My New Cambon Flap Tote From Saks

  1. I just got my new Cambon Flab Tote from the Saks pre-sale in the mail today. Received this baby for $734.00 after second markdown. Thanks to Roey for helping me locate the bag. Sorry if you click on the purse, its very big... I tried to watermark it, and was having difficulties....I'll keep on playing with it
  2. Oh, Michele, it's gorgeous! I was looking for the same one, but no luck! Congrats!!
  3. I love it!!! Great buy! congrats
  4. Wow, what a steal! Congrats, the bag is beautiful!
  5. Congrats, enjoy!
  6. Gorgeous, and great price !
  7. I have it in s the bestest bag in the world..LMAO..I am so jealous!
  8. So pretty, I want one too. Congrats.
  9. Oh WOW, I love that!
    I wonder if ther's any left anywhere. . . .{?}
  10. Here ya Go Michele :yes:
  11. Thanks Laura!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate you fixing my picture.

    And thanks to everyone..... I am exciting about the bag...
  12. Of course !! anytime ! Congrads on the bag !!!! its gorgeous !!
  13. I got this one at The Saks in Phoenix 602-955-8000. Roey had given me the number last week. She told me that only one was left, but maybe another showed up...
  14. Yay, it arrived! :biggrin: I am glad I saw your post about loving it and was able to hook you up! What a pretty bag... I'll bet you can't wait to use it!
  15. 0o0o0o she's pretty!!!