My new Calcaire Hobo/Day

  1. I was scared of the hobo, I thought it looked funny in all the pics I had seen; but, I REALLY wanted a calcaire, I took a chance on it and I love it :love: :love: :love:

    I got this bag from a great gal on Ebay who is/was a tFS-er, no authenticity questions - the bag is phenomenal and is fast becoming my favorite Balenciaga.

    If you want a B-bag don't pass up the this style bag, there are lots of hobo bargains on Ebay right now too. :P
    calcaire.jpg calcaire2.jpg
  2. That looks like a great color! It looks beautiful on you, too. I don't do well with large hobo style bags, but you do! :love: :love: :love:
  3. Loganz,
    its so adorable. Looks like you can use it anytime anywhere. Love the color.
  4. Thanks Cristina -

    I could not be happier - I have gotten lucky with my Ebay finds; now, if only I could sell some bags on Ebay. :suspiciou
  5. wow loganz totally love the new bag!!! thanks so much for sharing!
  6. Thanks Helenz; but, what do you think of the red dog toy on the carpet? :P
  7. hehehe, i didnt even notice it!:lol: just like how i didnt notice cristinas bathroom in the recent pics with chanel.... hehehe!!

    hey... doe this hobo generally come in all the balenciaga colours???? :amuse:
  8. yes, I believe that it does come in all the colors.

    There is a great Rouge one on Ebay right now, and another calcaire - I don't know if the calcaire is the real deal yet; but all the gals on tFS say the rouge is a great buy ($650 I think). They retail at $995.
  9. Fabulous bag, Loganz!! Enjoy it!!!
  10. It looks smashing ! ;)
  11. I absolutely love it (and i love this new balenciaga section!)
  12. I've seen that bag IRL. It's GREAT! What color do you have. Is that a light pink?
  13. It's called calcaire - it is like a pearl, in some light it looks pink and in others it looks cream. It is very cool (for a pink bag) LOL - I am not a pink gal, and I :love: this bag.
  14. Ha ha ! Sorry - I didn't realize that was the name of the color! Yes, that's the exact one I saw. Great buy!!!
  15. I like it a lot! It looks great on you! I am thinking about getting a day bag also... The only thing keeping me back is the size of the bag and I am wondering whether the straps get underwhelmed by the size. How do you like it? I love the way it looks in your pictures though!

    Is that a kong I see on your floor? Where's the pooch?