My new cake and choclate charms!

  1. I got a new cellphone (Nokia 7390, same one that bb10lue has) recently, and decided to get some new cellphone charms to go with it.

    I ordered these from Cell Phone Straps & Accessories Strapya, a Japanese Cell Phone Strap Charms& Accessory Superstore, Strapya World!:

    Strawberry cake and some flower Japanese cake...


    And chocolate charms! These came in adorable chocolate boxes and they look so REAL!!!


    And here are my favourite three with my cellphone...


    Just thought I'd share! They have some really cool stuff there and shipping isn't expensive...just takes awhile if you use regular air mail.

    I also ordered this pearl necklace kit, it comes with a mollusk preserved in a can, and you open the can, and open the mollusk and find your pearl. Then it comes with a necklace that you can hold the pearl in...very cool! I plan on ordering more pearls as soon as they have more!

    Just thought I'd share!
    cakecharm1.jpg cakecharm2.jpg choccharm1.jpg choccharm2.jpg choccharm3.jpg
  2. Adorably Edible!!
  3. That is so cute.
  4. aww so cute!!
  5. those are so cute! I love phone charms...but sadly, I got a Blackberry a few months ago and there is nowhere to loop a charm through. I'm so sad about that. I least I can admire yours!
  6. So cute!! They look good enough to eat!!
    I have a necklace just like that- was it called the "wish pearl"?
  7. Very cute!
  8. So pretty! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. i loveee those type of charms!! they're adorable and definitely do look real.

    the chocolate charm is AMAZING, i love the packaging. that site does great work!

    ohh and the pearl necklace, how neat! reminds me of those pearl stands along the side of piers and you get to open the oyster yourself
  10. Congrats Karman~ But I would seriously be eating them...:heart: chocolate!:nuts:
  11. Yes, that's what it is! :yes:
  12. Aww very yummy looking :biggrin:!
  13. omg! i LOVE those!!! How long did it take for shipping? Those are way too cute!
  14. Oh Karman they look so great! Almost too good to eat ;)
  15. Those charms are so cute.