My new Cabas Piano!!!

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  1. I have been on the search for some time now for a shoulder bag, and I finally got my hands on this perfectly broken in and loved Cabas Piano!!! :yahoo:

    Just wanted to share with you all!!!
    cabas piano.jpg
  2. Nice! I've always loved that bag. So cute and practical.
  3. Nice! I've got one one the way as well. Can't wait. :smile:
  4. congrats!!! i love this just the perfect size!!!
  5. Congratulations!
    It looks lovely and the patina on the straps looks great. Did you have to clean it up at all?
  6. i didnt have to clean it up at all...there is one small spot on the bottom but its not noticable so i am just going to leave it there....the previous owner must of taken really good care of this!!!
  7. Congrat's! hHaving a broken in Cabas is perfect, no worries about the naked vachetta :smile: enjoy the bag the piano is the perfect size and works well.
  8. thanks!!! i definatly wanted a broken in bag...because when i got my first LV my speedy i never wanted to use it because i was soo scared! this is so nice i can just grab it and go and i dont have to worry!!!
  9. Lovely bag & the size is really nice. Do you mind saying how much you paid for it :?:
  10. Congrats, HOT patina!
  11. congrats :smile:
  12. congrats!!!
  13. congrats
  14. Thanks! I also love the idea of instant patina. :tup:
    Just less to worry about.
  15. congrats