My new BV

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  1. I love it..It's going to me my new date bag when DH returns!!:love:

  2. Beautiful color! Great spring/summer bag :love: Enjoy it! :nuts:
  3. Oo:huh:Ooo:huh:o...gorgeous! The leather looks scrumptious!!!
  4. Beautiful color, Clinken!
  5. That is a lovely color!
  6. Thanks everybody:love: I need to find a cute pair of shoes or 2..:shame: and I'll be set for summer...I've been thinking I may go back and get another BV..they had it in orange,red,black,brown,green..I think I may go get the orange was a good price and it's so cute!!
    If I do ya'll will be the first to know!!
  7. Wow, what a stunning bag!!! The leather looks gorgeous, and that color...magnifique!!!
  8. Looooooovely!
  9. Scrumptious bag! Great color! Let us know if you get another one. :smile:
  10. Very cute!
  11. Lovely color.
  12. ohh the color is amazing and the handles really spunk up a classic purse!

    nice choice!
  13. Beautiful!! :love: Love the color and the leather..hmmm yummy!!
    Congrats clinkenwar and enjoy your new bag!:biggrin:

    I have never seen that style before and the color. That must be the new spring and summer bag for 2006? Am I right?
  14. It's lovely!!! I esp. love the handle, Bottega Veneta is getting better and better... Is BV popular over in Japan?
  15. Beautiful colour! And looks so soft! Congrats!