My new BV Handbag/Clutch *pics*

  1. This is the greatest little handbag EVER! You can even take off the handle and use it as a clutch.

    Here's my combo for today - I'm addicted to Hermes Twillies. And shoe's too! Maxter's Shoe Thread

  2. Very nice maxter! Is the handbag color Trifoglio? I :heart: Hermes twillies too!
  3. Wow that is a cute and handy little bag! I saw Saks had the white version on sale ealrier and I totally would have gotten it had I know the strap was removable! CONGRATS!
  4. What a beautiful leaf green! I love Twillies, too. All 3 pieces together create such a good mood!
  5. I had thought about this one, too, but I couldn't figure out how to completely remove the handle. Me=dumb :s
  6. What a nice green bag!
  7. Very nice. Looks like it would be very versatile as well.
  8. Sweet!!

    Now you've got me wondering if the shop in Singapore still has this style in a different colour, cos it's really pretty... :rolleyes:
  9. I know it came in white and quarzo, and I think ebano (but may have been nero).
  10. i just love the green colour - it's so rich and somewhat retro.
  11. Very versatile little bag. The Twilly and shoes are TDF, too! Good job as usual, maxter.
  12. I have this bag in magnolia-my very first BV! While it is too small for everyday use, it is perfect for going out. I don't think the strap completely comes off; it unsnaps on one end and becomes a wristlet strap. Love it in the green, though. I think Bluefly has it in magnolia, noce, maybe black.
  13. Oh congratulations maxter! They all go so well together! Now I want a twilly!
  14. nice trifoglio clutch. the green is so rich.
  15. I think the boutique has it in classic colours.