My new BV from Bluefly

  1. I ordered these recently and not sure about them. When I took the Sloane out of the box I thought it was way to big and with all its paper stuffing it was uncomfortable under the arm. Without the stuffing and the natural slouch makes it much nicer but the drop isn't very long which makes it a bit hard to get in and out of. It reminds me so much of my Veneta but not as flat. The color code on it is 1301 , anyone know the offical color? Its a dark brown.

    The black bag is nice but I'm not liking the opening. It folds over to close or sometimes just stays open. Not even a magnetic closure like the Sloane. Plus the rings are starting to chip. (see photo). If I decide to keep I should get more of a discount from Bluefly. Do you think they would honor that?

    Boxermom - don't you have this style and are your rings chipping?

    The more I walk around with them and check them out, the more I like but still not 100% sure. Maybe its the guilt of getting two bags at once. :push:

    Excuse the outfit, I just got back from tennis.

  2. OOOH I don't know the names of these bags (I'm not a fan of BV) but the first one is gorgeous!!! It looks really slouchy and soft.
  3. I would like the Sloane so much more if it had a more accessible opening. That foldover flap is just annoying.

    But then I don't own ANY flap bags.
  4. i love the look of the sloane, but then i dont ever think any bag is easy to get into when its on your shoulder. maybe its because i am left handed, and everything seems so awkward
  5. is the sloane suitable for carrying on your arm?
  6. ^yes it is but I prefer on the shoulder.
  7. have you made any decisions? i think both look really good on you.
  8. Opinion Time...I had issues with the braided handle tote. They were quirks that just did not work for me, so it is not just you. I WOULD NOT ACCEPT the rings like that at all. I wonder if you would even be happy with a discount??? Ask yourself. If anything...get a replacement from them if you decide to keep it.

    As for the Sloane. You need to take the stuffing out of the bag and put your things in it. Try it around the house more. It is a lovely bag, but it is full in shape and the distance you have to work with shoulder strap to top of bag opening is not alot. You just have to see if it works for you...hard to give advice on that one. I know what you mean that you want it on your shoulder and not on your arm though.

    Good Luck and keep us posted.
  9. over the next couple of days, get dressed and try each bag on and see which one feels more comfortable
  10. bagsforme, the rings on my bag have been fine, but when I put the tPF charm on it, I scraped one ring and it's a little noticeable; but this was my fault. I'd be unhappy if it CAME that way tho--it's supposed to be new!

    Sorry for your disappointments; good luck deciding.
  11. Boxermum
    what is the tPFcharm?
  12. Both bags look really nice on you, but it sounds like you might be happier with a Campana - it sits nicely on the shoulder and has a magnetic closure. Sorry to hear about the chipped rings! That is just unacceptable.
  13. I just purchased a Sloane off Bluefly as well, and you definitely need to take out the tree they tried to stuff in it. I'm still getting acquainted with mine as well. However, once it slouches and you throw it over your shoulder.. Its more comfortable that way. I do agree the flap opening doesn't make it as easy to get in and out of while the bag is on your shoulder.. but it is beautiful! I kind of like the Sloane on you... but then both bags do look good.. but I 'd exchange the other one with the chipped rings. These bags aren't cheap~! Have fun deciding... :girlsigh:
  14. Oooo! I love the one that isn't the Sloane! (I don't know what that model is called). It's looks so slouchy and comfy!

    Let us know what you end up doing!
  15. I decided against the Sloane because of the short handle drop, but it's SO pretty and looks lovely on you. The dark brown is not Ebano, but another brown that has slipped my mind. It's more of an espresso brown because it's done in the Nappa Umbria (wax treated leather that is more durable and thick and shows colors as more saturated and darker.)