My New Buy...

  1. But who knows for how long? A bit of a dilemma, I need some advice, please.
    Alright, I went to the Coach boutique in Vancouver and, after much deliberation, bought this:


    I also bought a purple long and skinny scarf, because the outfit I was wearing to the wedding was white and purple. Then, when we got back to the Bed & Breakfast we were staying at, I noticed the tiniest hairline fracture in the leather, and a snag in the scarf! So, I couldn't wear the purse to the wedding, because then I wouldn't be able to exchange. While I was at Coach after the wedding, though, the SA showed me a Jade Carly Demi, and I knew I wanted it and now that I didn't need it to match an outfit in particular, I thought "why not?" However, my SO wouldn't let me buy it because it was more expensive than he was comfortable with. The thing is, I really don't want the Ergo anymore, I'd much rather have that Demi.

    Long story short, I'm wondering if people think I should try hawking my Ergo on eBay (it's in perfect condition, with tags) and buy that Jade demi, or should I just suck it up and keep the cheaper bag? I know I'm not going to get as much money for the ergo on eBay as I spent buying it (230$ in store - remember this is Canadian pricing), and the demi is already more expensive (310$ in store), so I'm torn... But I really like the Demi better than the hobo. Suggestions? :sweatdrop:
  2. Hi:

    You need to buy the one you really want which is the Demi. If you don't buy the one you really want and settle for the lesser expensive one because it is a deal you will never be happy. You will most likely go out and buy the one you really wanted in the first place which will end up costing you more money in the long run as you now ended up buying two bags instead of one - the one you really were lusting after. GET THE ONE YOU WANT! DON'T SETTLE.
  3. can u get the demi on eBay? maybe return the ergo.. get the $ then scour ebay for the demi ..
  4. I don't know about returning the Ergo bag - is it possible to return it when you don't live in the same city? Like, can I send it away? Also, if i do and I end up exchanging for the demi, will my original sales associate still get her commission? She was really nice, I'd feel bad taking it from her. :sad:
  5. sales associates don't work on commission so you shouldn't worry about that
  6. You should be able to return the Ergo to any Coach Store (outlets included) as long as you have your original receipt.
  7. I agree with Liz - get the one you really want. If you are spending that much money on a bag, it should be the one you love!
  8. Is it possible to mail it to them? The closest Coach store to me is more than 48 hours away by car, assuming you stop only once for lunch and twice for bathroom breaks each day.
  9. Oh wow ingenue that stinks! I thought I had it bad with the nearest store being a little over 2 hours away!
  10. Yeah, I live in Canada, where I think there are only four stores to begin with. It sucks. That's why most people here have never even heard of Coach - one of my friends thought it was a car. :yes:
  11. Since you have the receipt it shouldn't be a problem returning to any Coach store or the warehouse
    Call the #888 or look at for return policy.
  12. I have a BNWT Ergo white bag like yours that I listed on Ebay with a very low starting price.....nothing! My SA said that I can still bring it back and exchange it since it is still new. That is what I would do if I were will never recoup what you paid for it on Ebay.
  13. CONGRATS!!!! Love it!!!
  14. Definitely return the Ergo and save for the bag you love. If you don't, every time you look at the ergo, you'll just think longingly of the Jade demi. And definitely dont' feel guilty about returning the bag to the store. The associates don't get commision and are always really great about returns.
  15. Call the store and see if you can send it to them. Then return it and get the one you want. If you dont, as someone already said, you wont be happy.