My New Buy After 3 Years Hiatus (Not A Totebag)

  1. I have not bought a Goyard for years and the last time I know, they come in brown boxes. Love this beautiful green beauty at first sight! I swear my SA smiled when she heard me draw a deep breath. C1C0B508-F6B8-4CB5-A370-6D84740F61D9.jpeg

    It was a tossup between this, and black with tan trim, but my lovely SA reminded me that I always wanted a Burgundy piece
    Monte Carlo PM. I am so glad I took a while to decide on it, the new PM size fits me much better than the original. The SA even let me try on the red with long strap so that I can be more sure of my buy and it totally sealed my decision.

    Now it is united with its siblings with wood accents
  2. Ugh! Stunning!!!! :heart:This is on my wishlist.
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Beautiful!

    I have the Monte Carlo in original size and its craftman ship is superb!

    I recall you are a fellow Singaporean. Did you get it from Goyard Singapore?
  5. Oh yes I did get it from Goyard Singapore! They are finally managed directly by Goyard and not through FJ Benjamin... I think they seem more well stocked now.

    Oh yes totally beautiful

    Go get it! You will not regret for sure
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