My new 'but second hand!' red jersey reissue. I loooovveee it!!

  1. Hello everyone

    I am just so excited, I wanted to share my new purchase with you all. Its second hand but is new to me and I I absolutely love it!! :love:

    It seems to make all of my boring black clothes really pop!

    Can't wait to take it somewhere special and show it off!!

    Anyone got any tips for keeping jersey bags in tip top condition?
    DSC00536.jpg DSC00539.jpg DSC00541.jpg
  2. Very nice- I love the way flaps look in jersey!
  3. Tee hee - lol

    Sorry about the mess in the background of the photo - thats my dumping ground.... er, I mean, spare bedroom :p
  4. Congratulations....
    The red really pops. You carry her well. I'm sure you'll get loads of compliments when you carry her out.
  5. [​IMG]


    [​IMG] looks great on you:tup:

  6. weeeee i looove how the red pops .. very nice bag, gurl! congrats on the purchase!
  7. i love the color, it looks amazing against the black! :biggrin:
  8. haha, i see i pm you back too late, you figured it out!!
    congrats on your new baby, she is lovely!:love: And she looks great on you! enjoy it!!
  9. It looks GREAT with black! Beautiful red. Congrats!
  10. Beautiful bag and I love the way it pops against the black. :tup:
  11. love anything
  12. gorgeous shade of red :love:
  13. Very pretty! :tup:
    Spray it with waterresistant and dirt resistant spray every now and then (you can get those a shoe stores) Enjoy this beauty!!
  14. wow congratulations :tup:
  15. OMG.. YOU R SO SO LUCKY.. I've tried to locate bigger version of this bag for along time. May I know where did u get it n how much did you pay for? Thanks.. You wear it so well btw. The color is tdf.