My new (but older) LV EPI Speedy

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  1. Morning!

    So, I finally decided last night after everyone's helpful opinions...this is my new (but older) LV Epi Speedy 30:

  2. oooohhhh....the color is fabulous!!!
  3. I love it! I didn't know the epis had the LV logo like that, can't believe I didn't notice before!
  4. I can't even express how jealous I am, SuLi. I Love :love: the colour. As I said in other post, I have the Black Epi 30, although I love it, the blue one was not out when I bought it, I wish it was!!!! Congratulations!!! You are so lucky!!

    But what do you mean by "but older"?
  5. I almost bought a blue EPI 30 on Ebay two weeks ago. Congrats!
  6. I took a chance an purchased it on eBay, from a mypoupette seller. I fell in love with the color...I believe that they don't make it any longer.
  7. Congrats! I saw that seller had a few Epi Speedys up. There is a red 25 which is :love: But I want the 30 and in mandarin. It will probably be a hard color to find on eBay, so I'll most likely get it from the boutique, unless a red 30 from an MPRS shows up on eBay.
  8. OMG, you gals are really bad influence...I love:love: the bag, so tempted. I really like the blue, only it's 25 (according elux, it's 10"/26cm), it's seem so small.

    I know, they don't have this anymore from LV shop or online, but still sell on elux, just the 25 though.
  9. It is beautiful! I was looking at my (September 2004 version) catalogue yesterday which lists blue for the 25 but not the 30. I was under the impression that it could only be custom-made. Or maybe that's a different blue from the myrtle they're using right now? Either way it's great that it's unique.
  10. OH ! it's BEAUTIFUL!:love:
  11. wow.. now i want one too lol
  12. but why do you want to buy a used handbag??
  13. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO That color is Fiyah .......great purchase