My new business card case hot stamp!

  1. I love the hot stamp they did for my business card case.

    What do you think?


  2. Beautiful! And, I love that amarante nailpolish!!!
  3. It is looks so hot, Congratulations.
  4. I think it's HOT!!!!!!
  5. Thanks, it is Chanel Vamp...I have been dreamimg of amarante!
  6. LVoe it, Tink!

    DesigningStyle,I think you have a nail polish fetish! :p
  7. Nice!!
  8. very very hawt!!
  9. Love that you did your first name instead of initials. Looks nice on a piece like that. Congrats!!!
  10. it looks great!
  11. Thanks, I love that the color matches perfectly!
  12. Very nice :smile:
  13. I love it, and it's my name too!
  14. Super cute -- congrats!
  15. Nice!