My new burgandy/red patent CL's! Pics... and opinions please! :)

  1. Hi ladies! :smile: I don't own any Rolando's, and had an SA at my NM track these down in my size (I tried on the 37.5 in the store and they hurt like hell... so I went with the 38). I normally wear a 38.5 (in Decolette's and simple pumps, but I know the 38.5 would slip right off my foot haha)! :p I'm kind of sad because the CL box was all smashed up :sad:, but at least the shoes are perfect.

    Anyway... I LOVE the color, but do you think they're too much (for example colorwise, given the style) and not classic enough? Would you wear them in five years? Also, how do you think they look on me? :smile: I'd love to hear your honest opinions!! :flowers:

    Rolando's chillin on the (smushed) box!

    On me:

    Another pic:
  2. ^^love those minal!!! definitely a keeper--i think they stand out but the color is very classy!!
  3. I don't love them but I think its because patent tends to come and go... so you maynot be able to wear them in 5 years
  4. Keepers! I just ordered the same shoes - my SA had pulled a 40 but OUCH! I went with the 40.5 as one of my feet is slightly larger than the other. The 41 would have been too big. As far as wearing them in 5 years - I think its okay, patents are now classics along with leopard print shoes. Everything in moderation.
  5. You can't go wrong with red shoes. Always sexy. Keeper!
  6. I love them!!! Beautiful :smile:
  7. Thanks Cory! :heart: I LOVE your new CL's! :drool:

    Noegirl05 - Thanks for your honest opinion! I actually think patent is classic in its own way (I think of my Chanel patent flaps haha), but I definitely see your point. :tup:

    shoegal - Hi! :smile: Ohhh, congrats on getting them! :yahoo: Haha, that's what I thought while attempting to walk in the 37.5's... they hurt like hell! :sweatdrop: Yeah, I think if my outfit isn't "loud" the shoes can stand out... I love leopard shoes too, and I completely agree with the everything in moderation statement... I wouldn't wear multiple patent accessories with these shoes, nor would I wear head to toe animal print with leopard shoes (yuck)! :nuts:

    Thank you HubbaWubba! :flowers:
  8. WOW!!!

    BUT...Can you actually WALK with those??? lOl
  9. Those are hot. I want them! :heart:

    As to whether you could wear them in five years, who knows. So just wear them so much now that in five years they are totally worn out.
  10. They are gorgeous, I love that shade of patent!
  11. I soo did not know patent was timeless in this case they are a keeper!!! (exits with head hung in shame)
  12. They are gorgeous. And patent always comes back, so it is never "out" for long. In recent years it has become well-established as a classic, so I think these shoes are keepers!
  13. Karima - Haha, welllll... not long distances haha, but I view these as my "going a short distance/sitting down and looking pretty" CL's! :p

    Zophie - Ohhh, you should get them! :heart: Haha, true, if I wear them out, whether I'll wear them in five years or not will be a non-issue. :smile:

    Josephine SD - Thank you! :flowers:

    Noegirl05 - Aww, no no, I'm glad you stated your opinion, and there's no right or wrong answer. :flowers: IMHO, I do think patent is timeless (although I also think that it has its moments where it's more popular or "in" depending on the season/trend)... and maybe I'm equating apples with oranges in comparing Chanel patent flaps to patent CL's hehe. :nuts:

    HauteMama - I agree with you... and I'm pretty certain I'll be keeping them! :heart: :tup:
  14. Those are definitely sexy! Love the color, are they comfortable?
  15. Im dying to get my hands on them!
    They look great!!!