My new Burberry Shimmer tote

  1. Very pretty! Congrats!
  2. I can't believe it, Mona Danya, I've just purchased this very same bag today!! :nuts: I've always wanted a Burberry bag but I know my mum would hit the roof if I spent so much money in just a bag... So I've always been kind of ashamed of getting one. I still haven't shown her mine but I have my excuse ready :p It's the first day of sales here and I saw this bag 30% off. It's not exactly the one I wanted but I couldn't believe it was that cheap!! It was €367, but I had a €100 gift card, so I only had to pay €267 in cash to get it!!:yahoo:I hope she understands... XD I just couldn't wait to live alone to get a Burberry bag!! :greengrin:
  3. Guys, I have a doubt now!!

    Today I've just seen the Small Shimmer Leather Bowling Bag in another department store and it's €70 more expensive than the Small Shimmer Check Bowling Bag, and right now I don't know if to change the shimmer one for the leather one. Which one do you like best?? Initially, I liked the leather one, but after seeing the shimmer one in person I found it more beautiful than I had expected it to be, and now I'm dubious... :wondering So I wanted your opinion. Which one do you think it's more beautiful/wearable??
  4. I bought the shimmer leather hobo bag (different style I know) but I too was torn over the too style bags shimmer leather vs. shimmer check... I LOVE the leather! I am so glad I got it too because I cant find it on any website anymore.
  5. Thanks for your opinion, Beaver!! ;) I don't know.... I'm SO torn between the two of them!! Maybe the leather one is more wearable, but the shimmer one has really grown on me... I still have time to change it, though.
  6. I was so torn between the two as well, but fate had made my decision and I'm happy with it! they are both equally nice!
  7. Both are lovely!
  8. Oohh love the shimmer!
  9. Really love it, congrats!