My new Burberry Milton

  1. Hi! I bought this at the Woodbury Premium Outlet in NY.
    This is a new trim, but I never saw this anywhere yet. Is this camel color?
    What do you think of the color, do you like :tup:/hate :tdown: it? TIA
    burberrymilton.jpg burberrymilton2.jpg burberrymilton3.jpg burberrymilton4.jpg
  2. I like it! I really like the buckel across the bottom, gives it a little flair!
  3. I really like it.
  4. I love it!!! How much was it if you don't mind?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'm just used to wearing the black pathent trim.
    MSRP is $265.00, outlet price is $189.00 + 8.124% tax total of $204.36 :smile:
  6. ^^You got a great deal--Congrats!
  7. aww, you think so? Thanks! But yeah, I had my eye on this small nova/black barrel (mini lola i think?) for $219 and eaton small hobo also in nova/black for $229 but I already had a hobo in black patent -good thing I saw this one. Additional pochette for my collection. They have a bunch of them on the shelves, they even have the candy and bluebell. Not really on sale, just outlet prices, but I was drooling :drool: LoL
  8. I have never seen that before - it is gorgeous! And I love the color!

  9. Thanks! The color is growing on me now- thanks to all the positive remarks. I wear it today with a white top and it looks pretty decent. Then tonight I pair it with my tan coat and it's just perfect! can't wait for the fall/winter season, it just happen that I don't own a lot of "shades of brown" clothing so wearing a coat will do the trick, I think :smile:
  10. Congrats- it's adorable! I love the patent trim!
  11. Thanks! :smile:

    correction from my last post.. wear - I meant wore :lol:
  12. Oh!, look at the matching wallet I found on the net..
    img10032696704.jpeg img10032243437.jpeg img10032243443.jpeg
  13. here's the front pic
  14. Congratulations! I love the belt on the front, and the wallet is perfect!
  15. Very cute bag. I really like the buckle detail!