My new Burberry Duffle!

  1. It came it came! I've been wanting it since I saw it on Neiman Marcus' website last year- back in the days when you could get a Burb duffle for $300 :nuts: I think this style check is now discontinued, but I personally like it a lot more than that nasty shadow check :yucky: I have to say, the quality of it is astounding- the leather and canvas seem to have much more of a quality feel than my Prada. When I first opened the box, I was pissed that the seller hadn't used any packing materials- just the bag tossed in box :wtf: . But I quickly got over it when the scent of it reached my nose- it has a really nice, heavy leather smell :tender: But damn, this thing is HUGE! It must be at least the size of a Keepall 55, but probably closer to a 60. I'm not sure if it meets airline regulation, but I'm taking it with when I go to Hawaii on Saturday- god have mercy on the gate attendant who tries to make me check it :lol:
    burberry 015.jpg burberry 008 (2).jpg burberry 022 (2).jpg
  2. very nice. i've always liked Burberry's duffles.
  3. cool bag. enjoy hawaii. i just got back from there tues:sad:
  4. Ooooo... very nice! I love the non-traditional Burberry plaids! Congrats!
  5. Wow it's big! Congrats!
  6. Very nice bag! Enjoy your trip.
  7. Oohh, how pretty! Congratulations!
  8. Wow...that's huge!! Congrats on the new duffle!!!!!!!!!
  9. I really like this. I have been looking for a duffle. You did good!
  10. Oooh this is so cute ! Have a lovely vacation ! :yes:
  11. Very nice, congrats.
  12. nice duffle. i like the colors
  13. have a safe and fun vacation! make us proud with your shopping!
  14. I love it, you will get many years out of that duffle!!!
  15. So cute and it goes with everything!
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