My new Burberry coat ! Woohoo !

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  1. I saw this first in the Holt Renfrew Fall Women's catalog and I just fell in love !! I've never spent so much money on a piece of clothing, and I didn't even think I was going to buy anything - it was my mom that was looking at coats.

    Anyways, here it is, my new Burberry winter coat ! It's sooo soft, alpaca and cashmere blend. Now I just gotta get some long gloves to go with it, and of course, I'm waiting for their patent quilted boots to come out. Modelling pictures to follow when I'm out of jammies ! :yahoo::yahoo:

    Oh and if anyone could find it online - I'd be interested, I can't seem to find it anywhere ?!

    burberry coat.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!! I love it!
  3. haute mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love it!!!
  4. Great choice - will keep you nice and warm during the TO winters!
  5. The coat is so pretty!!!!
  6. Gorgeous coat!! It looks so soft. Congrats!
  7. Pretty coat! Very nice.. And of course, it looks like you're going to be warm all winter :smile: Toronto's winter usually sucks in the end, lol. Congrats! May I know, does it come in different color, and how much does it go for?
  8. omg... that coat is GORGEOUS!!!! wow, wow, wow! it looks insanely soft! cant wait to see modeling pics
  9. Congrats the coat is gorgeous ayla :biggrin:
  10. It's lovely!! And it looks really soft...alpaca and cashmere = :drool:
  11. Beautiful- gotta love holts
  12. Thanks girls !! :love::love:

    Tweetie: so when are you coming back to Toronto ? :graucho:

    Pablohoney: LOVE Radiohead ! And it also comes in a fuschia colour, but not in alpacha/cashmere, it's like this shiny stuff and I just wasn't really feeling it. It's only available at the Bloor store, and it was 2075$ CAD before tax.. apparently they are very limited so grab one while you can !!

    And I am the worse self picture taker ever - but hopefully this gives you an idea of the detailing on the coat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it's trimmed in patent ! As you can see - it's designed to be worn with long gloves.. I can't wait to go shopping for a pair !

  13. Stunning coat!!
  14. Nice coat! Love all the little details on it.
  15. that coat look amazing! congrats! if only I had that much to spend on a coat... boo