My new Burberry bag!!!

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I posted a couple of weeks ago that I had purchased the pink novacheck tote from Burberry. After looking at it more closely I realized that this was not the bag for me. It lacked the quality that the Burberry London collection is known for IMO. I returned the bag but while I was there I found something I liked better!Burberry This is my new bag and I love it! I would love to know your opinions?:love:
  2. Anyone?????? =o(
  3. it's gorgeous!!! glad you were able to return the pink nova and find something you liked!
  4. Love it!!! Enjoy!
  5. I personally love the pink nova because my cousin own's one, and the bag you bought is gorgeous too! Congrat!
  6. Your bag is gorgeous! Congrats! It looks like you can fit a lot!
  7. very nice. I like totes, it looks big enough to carry lots of stuff! :heart:
  8. Great bag! I have the pink candy check tote and I adore it but I am a pink enthusiast!
  9. Oooo...I love your new bag! Great choice!
  10. it's beautiful!
  11. Fabulase.
  12. Great choice, which size did you get?
  13. So beautiful and classic! I loove it.
  14. Great purse, you'll love it - I am one similar but larger, it's very durable!! You'll love it...i am not sure if it has the claw feet at the bottom, but purses w/the feet will last longer than those without.
  15. Its gorgeous - very classic:yes: