My New Burberry Bag...brass hardware rusting!

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  1. I just recently bought a small bridle house check belted hobo at a Burberry store (about 2 months ago). I've used it several times at most and always store it back in its original dustbag. I have never used any chemicals to clean it.

    Today I took it out to use and to my horror, I found some specks of rusting/tarnishing on both brass hardware components (where you attach the strap for a crossbody look).

    Before I call/bring to the Burberry store for further actions, any Burberry experts here who can give me advice??? Has any Burberry lovers have the same issue with the same bag or other bags?

    What can I do to remove it? I would assume if I bring it back to the store, they can repair but it will take a long time? I've read other threads where you bring something back to return/exchange/repair and the SAs give you crappy service as if you did it on purpose.

    I'm quite disappointed with buying a high end bag with the quality I get for what I paid.
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  2. There are many fixes for tarnished brass (home mixed remedies, store bought products, etc.) but I'd be pretty pissed paying so much for a brand new Burberry, barely using it and having that happen. >:sad: I'd call Burberry about it cuz if you try to fix it, they might claim you did something to it and not attempt to help you.

    I own a lot of Burberry pieces and this usually doesn't happen to my new ones. The older ones, some of them have this but only a few. I'm sorry this happened to your beautiful purse.
  3. Thanks for your input! I was so disappointed for buying a completely new item from the store and see the shock of my purchase! I didn't try to fix it. I went back the original store. The SA I dealt with was so pleasant and helpful. She asked me if I wanted a completely new one or a different style. She said she didn't want me to be disappointed if it happens again to the second one they give me. I chose the same one. A completely new one. The one I have is still pretty new in condition except for the tarnining parts.

    I think it was my back luck that I bought a defective one, like one in a million. It was made in Italy too! So now I'm paranoid about buying Burberry handbags...
  4. I'm glad the SA was able to help you and you got a new replacement. Crossing my fingers this one doesn't tarnish like the first.