My new Bulga

  1. I purchased my first Bulga bag last night. In all honesty, I've hated nearly every Bulga bag that I've seen (particularly the studded one that Jessica Simpson made famous) because I tend to buy more classic bags.

    I've been looking for a brown-toned bag for a really long time, and fell in love with the Large Bulga tote. Here is a link to an eBay auction selling the same exact bag:

    I've seen the bag on various sites, but had no idea that the front flap opened into another compartment! I think that sold me on it, not to mention that I like the simple, classic, and clean shape of the bag. The interior lining is really cute too!

    Just wanted to share :roflmfao:
  2. Congrats! I love the style and the color - very classic looking. The lining is super-cute too.
  3. Congrats, it's beautiful.
  4. SuLi: Congrats. -) I think I saw this style in Pink at karizmaboutique before, yours is definitely better.
  5. SuLi! Are we the same person :P ? I just bought the exact same bag in brown too! Mine is hazel. Is yours chocolate? Since I am outside of the US, I don't get it for another week plus... it's with a friend who will send it to me. She got it today, and I am sooooo excited! How's the leather? Is it as soft as they say?
  6. The hazel is beautiful too! Mine is the chocolate color. And, the leather is pretty soft. It has a strange texture, almost like a cross between suede and leather (it's 100% leather). I hope you get yours soon! We can be Bulga twins ;) !
  7. OMG I am now EXTRA excited!!!
  8. There is another Bulga on sale now in NM, it's the studded tote in goldrush or amaretto. I am not fond of studs so much, but I wonder if I should get this anyway, just cause I am already thinking that I am going to love my first one sooo much.

    Or maybe just get this same one but in that reddish or banana or turquoise colour!
  9. I don't particularly like the studded Bulgas, so I think you should get the tote in another color ;) .

    Here are some eBay links to the other colors (they look authentic to me):

    P.S. I'm not the seller on any of these auctions.
  10. Congratulations on your new bag! It's very nice. I actually love the studded Bulgas. Am thinking about the NM sale one in Amaretto.
  11. Very nice, congrats! I love the studded Bulga bags, too.
  12. I like some Bulga bags. They look neat. Congrats on your purchase!
  13. SuLi, are you planning to spray anything on the bag to protect it?
  14. I'm thinking about it, but not sure what to use. Any suggestions?
  15. Oh wow, it's gorgeous!