My New Bulga-What do you think?

  1. So my new Bulga Double Pocket satchel arrived yesterday from Shopbop and she is so gorgeous! Most beautiful, soft leather and the color is perfect! But I can't decide if I should keep it or not, it really is WAY bigger than I need (I only carry a small cosmetics case, wallet & keys). I feel a bit like an imposter having such a nice bag with nothing to put in it. Please let me know what you think....should I keep her, or not? dog Enzo says Happy 4th!
    Bulga2.jpg Bulga3.jpg Bulga4.jpg Bulga1.jpg
  2. Gilmour Girl - I LOVE you bag, but even more I love the dog! That looks exactly like my dog, Lola!!! Right down to the white paws. What's her name, and is she as big a devil as Lola??
  3. LOVE IT-don't send it back! I have 2 Bulgas and they have gorgeous leather!:yes:
  4. If you love it, you should keep it! Trust me, the longer you carry a big bag, the more you'll find to fill it with. ;)

    And I second misslola - your dog is adorable!
  5. Keep it! I love Bulga handbags!
  6. keep for sure! GORGEOUS leather!!!
  7. I've never owned a bag by that maker, but it is gorgeous, I think its a keeper!!!! Enjoy.
  8. Beautiful bag, it looks great on you! Your Enzo is pretty cute too! (Happy 4th!)
  9. Is that the London? I ordered it from Shopbop, too! It looks really nice on you, so I vote you keep it. Your pics have me all excited for my bag's arrival!
  10. really cute bag, and not really big at all, keep it
  11. I think it's really nice! Happy 4th to you too, Enzo!
  13. keep it! it looks great on you and i love how soft bulga leather is
  14. I would keep it if you like it. I used to carry small bags but you find it convienent to put things into larger bag. I don't usually like most of the Bulga bags but I think that one looks really nice on you.
  15. I wish I would have bought the double satchel bag from Shopbop last week. I put one in my cart, but didn't pay for it right away. Now I'm searching for a good deal on the same bag. The Purse Store has it for 50% off, but not the right color. :crybaby: