My New Bulga Kisslock Frame in Taupe

  1. Thanks to the great ladies over in the Deals forum, I was able to get this gorgeous Bulga Kisslock Frame in Taupe from Nordstroms for $170!

    The leather is really nice and although I was worried it would be too small, I think it's just the right size. I am anxious to see what it looks like once I put my stuff in it. I'm glad I broke down and got the Taupe instead of the Black - it's a really nice color.

    Question, though. It came with a dustbag, but no official papers or registration info from Bulga. Is that normal?
    P1090499.jpg P1090500.jpg P1090501.jpg P1090503.jpg P1090504.jpg
  2. inside.
  3. that's really cute! when i received my bulgas all i got were the dustbags. i don't think they come with registration cards.
  4. OOh! Love it! Way to score!
  5. very cute! congrats!
  6. Oooh I love the lining!!! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of it on with stuff inside!
  7. coolshop, those are really great pics!
  8. With both of my Bulgas I received only a dustbag and no papers or cards. Beautiful bag! I have the same one in brown (the medium brown and not the brown-black) and I love it.
  9. That is incredibly cute!
  10. Congrats, cute bag!
  11. Congrats, great bag!