My new Bubblegum Slim with GGH Pics + comparison

  1. Hello!

    Here are the pics as promised .. sorry for the delay :sweatdrop:

    my new Bubblegum Slim purchased from Theresa Munich

    Hopefully i'll get to wear it today! :p
  2. :tup: It's so pretty!! Congrats!! How does it sit on the shoulder? I hope it's as comfortable as the Day style!!Enjoy her well!!
  3. Wow that's really pretty - and it's the first "real" slim bag we've seen here! Is it comfy to carry? Congrats!
  4. Wow!! Congrats!!
    Modeling pic pleaseee ;)
  5. For those who were wondering how the bag closes well it doesn't .. here how it looks
  6. thanks everyone .. it's very comfy i think .. the handles are stiff unlike on the day where the handle is flexible if you know what i mean .. and the handles are also longer than on the brief
  7. Pics of the Slim compared to the day, hobo and brief
  8. It's so cuteee!!! :girlsigh:

    The bag somehow reminds me of "Casper' the ghost because of the shape..:biggrin:
  9. Here are pics of it folded from the top as i'm thinking of wearing it that way also
  10. [​IMG]

    WHAT WHAT!!!!!!!!! DANG WOMAN- where ya been!?!?!

    This is the first official SLIM thread!!! Congrats!!!
  11. So cute!! I would love to see how it sits on the shoulder and arm!
  12. nice, congrats! i don't think i'll like the top frame of the bag for myself. modelling pics soon! (gorgeous day!)
  13. love the color, congrats!!
  14. Gorgeous style! Love the colour too!

    Huge congrats, Pink_Katana!
  15. CONGRATS!!! I love how it looks like a Day, just more structured! The opening looks deep enough to hold everything even without a zipper top. Do post modelling pictures. Gorgeous BG SLIM!!! :woohoo: