My new brush set: A'Squirrel

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  1. I'd read good things about A'Squirrel brushes on Makeup Alley and other web sites. I decided to order a set and received them today. I haven't tried them yet, but -- man -- do they feel marvelous. They came in a nice leather-like case and are soft, soft, soft.

    I ordered the nine-piece all pure squirrel set for $113.90. Here's the photo:


    I also ordered this two-kabuki set for $44.99. One is squirrel and the other is white goat. They are so soft on my skin!

  2. OOoooooooo.... looks so nice. Congrats on your new purchase!
  3. wow, congrats! I esp love these:

  4. The Kabuki brushes look so soft. What luxury!
  5. They're so soft and downy, I almost hate to use them.

  6. they are pretty and a nice combo set too