My new bruciato Shopping...

  1. here's my new bruciato baby...... (without & with flash) :love: :love:



    :yahoo: i've been really wanting a brown bag!!!
  2. YEAH!
    Congrats! I have a tote in the same color!SO NICE!!!
  3. Thanks. it is great!! :biggrin: and huge!!
    i had a hard time deciding though-- they had two similar styles... the other has a zip pocket in the love love this one though!
  4. Congrats!! Great Bag!!!
  5. thanks... :biggrin:

    see that you are a fellow texan...! yeehaw!! :roflmfao:
  6. :drool:
  7. Wow...cannot believe how different the bag looks with flash and no flash!!

    Great bag...CONGRATS!!!!!
  8. congrats! it is nice bag!
  9. Congrats!! Nice bag..great choice!
  10. yeah for u!!! congrats!
  11. I love it!!!!!!!!!! its classic Prada, but new! is it a messenger bag as well as a shoulder? It looks like you can wer the strap slung across your bod...............
  12. the straps are for shoulder carry, but the bag has rings on the side and you can attach a duffle bag strap to wear it like a messenger :biggrin:
  13. Congrats.
  14. very nice, congrats!
  15. Very nice! Now I'min the mood to buy another one...With all these fabulous pics I can't decide!!!:rolleyes: Congrats! It's gorgeous!! :heart: Emmy