My new Brown Legacy and complete collection

  1. I just got her this morning! She's GORGEOUS!!! Love it! I only paid $260 and it was brand new!! :yahoo:I thought I should take a group shot to mark this occasion. Enjoy!

    The purse collection

    The Accessories
  2. Nice collection!:yes:
    Great find on the legacy bag!!:tup:
  3. Beautiful!!!
    I love your collection.. and those shoes.. wow :drool:
  4. What a great deal on your new Legacy! Your collection is gorgeous--you've got lots of different styles, which is something I aspire to! Congrats!
  5. oh how lovely!!!!
  6. Great deal on the legacy!! You have a very nice collection as well.
  7. She's a real beauty! Love your collection! :tup:
  8. Absolutely Stunning bag. Enjoy carrying her! Congrats!
    You have a lovely collection.
  9. She took the words right out of my mouth. Gorgeous :yes:
  10. $260?? Thats it? Wow! I love her! I love love love the brown, and this is coming from a die-hard black bag wearer LOL

    Great collection!
  11. Congratulations! Very exciting! You do have a very nice mix. I happen to like pinks with browns. I also have that soho compact clutch wallet. I don't see very many here on the pf, it's a great! Enjoy!
  12. Your new brown bag is GORGEOUS!! :drool::drool: I absolutely love that color, it's just dreamy. :smile:

    I love your collection. That pink bag in the upper left of your picture is cute!!
  13. I love your Legacy and your collection. And I want your pink scarf wristlet! :drool:
  14. Thanks everyone!! I love my collection and hope to one day give it to my daughters or neices as vintage ;)
  15. Just beautiful! Love the collection! :smile: