My new Bronze Deerskin Tote!!

  1. I just received this yesterday and I absolutely love it!! I first bought the bronze flap...too small. Then I bought the square bowler...too big and not really a shoulder bag. This bag is perfect!!:yahoo:

    Sorry about the dark pic, I'll try retaking pics later and then post them in the reference section.
  2. Beautiful bag! I have the black deerskin round bowler and really love the leather.
  3. hot hot bag...
  4. Beth, it looks fabulous on you!:love:
  5. She is beautiful, you look FAB!
  6. Sounds like the story of the '3 Bears'. This one is 'JUST RIGHT'. It is absolutely gorgeous. It looks perfect on you too! I love the bronze deerskin metallic in the Luxe Line. CONGRATULATIONS!
  7. That look great on you, congrats!! Does it have a zip top?
  8. It's a beautiful bag and it looks fantastic on you. Congrats :love: .
  9. Thanks Ladies!!
    Rose, yes it does have a zip top. I will get pics in the reference section later today. The pictures I took yesterday turned out completely blurry for some reason? So I'll need to retake them.:shrugs:
  10. Thanks! Love the tote and I have been looking for one with a zip top....
  11. Oh my word that bag is gorgeous!! Congrats you lucky girl :yes:
  12. :yahoo: :yahoo: wow...
  13. It's gorgeous!! Congrats!! I LOVE it! I looked at a white one some months ago and was 50-50 on it but that one is BEAUTIFUL!! :love:
  14. Congratulations... Lovely color! it looks absolutely stunning on you... =)
  15. such a beautiful color! looks great on you too!!!