My new bronze cotton club tote w/ pics! :)

  1. Hi everyone! :smile: I picked up my bronze cotton club almost two weeks ago, and I keep taking it out of the box to peek at it haha, but haven't had the chance to wear it out yet (I will soon though - it definitely needs some fresh air)! :p I love the leather, it's so plush and yummy, and the metallic tones of the bronze on this are just perfect, not too bright or dull IMO. I was worried after hearing about the problems some pfers have had with the links by the toggle not being closed all the way and opening up, etc., so I hope my bronze beauty stays okay and doesn't need to visit the Chanel hospital anytime soon (or hopefully at all)! :sweatdrop: Here are some pictures, hope you like them!

    All packed away!

    Still sleeping...

    Awake! Isn't the leather yummy?! :heart:

    A "modeling" pic attempt :smile:

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
    I love the bronze - CONGRATS!
  3. LOVE it Minal! I love mine, are you loving yours?
  4. YUMMY!!! Congrats!
  5. Beautiful bag, I love your streamers in the background. Looks like a party!!!!
  6. Hi Swanky :smile: I do love it, it's the perfect size and color... and I'm really happy that the tops zips and keeps everything inside secure! Now I just need to cut off the tags and wear it haha :smile:
  7. Hi! It's like a perpetual party haha... my mom wanted a dance floor in the basement, and we have a disco ball, lights, smoke machine, bar (well a kitchen too), etc. it's crazy. Ohh, and I hung all of those streamers up ahh... took forever :smile: I personally like the movie theater next room over the best! :smile:

  8. Love this tote but have to resist the temptation :smile:
  9. Wow, Minal, she looks absolutely beautiful on you! Congrats, you two are a perfect match!
  10. the bronze is STDF.
  11. A disco ball, how cool!! a bar yay!!! Sounds like my kind of basement!! back to topic, enjoy your fabu bag.
  12. Enjoy it...
  13. I love the CC Tote. The bronze is a beautiful color.

  14. OMG, freakin LOVE this bag!! GORGEOUS colour!!! :love: :love:

    Congrats!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  15. Pretty! Congrats!