My New BRIAN ATWOOD Crystal Jeweled Stilettos!

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  1. Here are my latest bling stilettos!:yahoo: These are by Brian Atwood, and he has some of the most beautiful shoes on the planet! Definitely a favorite brand of mine!:yes: They are so out of this world beautiful in person they look like they were a lot more than their $925.00 retail price! There is not a camera in this world that can capture the true beauty of these shoes.. These are black satin with a clear band adorned with all clear crystals of all different sizes...Oh yes, and they fit PERFECTLY and are VERY comfortable ;)

  2. bling!:nuts: wear them in the best of health!
  3. Brian Atwood designs some of the most sexiest fabulous shoewear on the planet! I love them except for the clear plastic strip. But other than that they are seriously glamorous! :yes:
  4. Those are fabulous!!
  5. Oh, and nice toes! Very festive! :nuts:
  6. Thanks Ladies! :heart: ^^and I love painting my toes different colors, especially for the holidays! There is a limit to what color I will put on my lips and even my fingernails but there is NO LIMIT to what color I will paint my toes!:yes:
  7. I DEFINITELY SECOND THAT!!:yes: I think he is one of the most underrated shoe designers out there along with Rene Caovilla...not too many other designers out there can even come close to the beauty of their shoes...:heart:
  8. Wow lots of bling great for the holidays!
  9. Thank you javaboo! Yes they are truly a treasure for the holidays but also for anytime of the year!:yes: I will wear these a lot when I go partying!
  10. wowow thats nice!
  11. Bling Bling, those are HOT!!!

  12. They are gorgeous! Looks even better on you! Great buy and congrats!
  13. Thanks Sunny! That is so sweet of you to say:heart:

    ch3rryb3rry- Thank you as well!
  14. Thanks Bag Fetish! :heart:
  15. Stunning!!!